Thank you again to the lovely hosts who are making this Sociables season a reality for our community and to all the enthusiastic guests. We are looking forward to enjoying the parties with you all!
Sociables Catalog
Click the photo to review the Sociables Catalog, which has all the details on the 20 parties planned for this school year.
If you'd like to check on the availability of tickets, please contact the party hosts or email the Sociables chairs (Brooke, Molly, and Nazia) at [email protected]
Sociables are parent-sponsored parties and activities hosted throughout the school year that build community. They are a great way to get to know fellow St. Catherine’s families and have fun! Proceeds from ticket sales support the school.
Each year, a team of parent volunteers serves as Sociables chairs. Supported by the Advancement Office, they work with parents to brainstorm party and activity ideas, encourage families to get involved as hosts and guests, support hosts in their planning, promote parties, and make sure everyone has a great time participating in Sociables.
Hosts can plan a Sociable for specific levels, for entire families, or for adults only. Party planning can be as simple as booking a bowling alley and covering the cost of food, or as elaborate as hosting a party in your home. 
Co-chairs | Molly Martin, Nazia Mirza, Brooke Nyberg
Questions about Sociables? Contact us at [email protected].