Parent Service Organization (PSO)

Our Mission 
The St. Catherine’s Montessori Parent Service Organization (PSO) is dedicated to enhancing the experience of students, staff, and parents by creating a community founded on parent involvement and warm hospitality. We strive to build a school where we know we will be welcomed and our families are all known by name. Parental service reinforces the strong foundation of education, spirituality, social, and emotional development laid down by the school foundresses over 50 years ago.
Fulfilling the Mission

The PSO hosts a variety of volunteer, social, and fundraising activities during the year, and none of this would be possible without the participation of the parents—please join us. We look forward to an exciting and fun-filled 2021-2022!

PSO Meetings and Events
You are welcome as a member of the PSO as soon as your child is enrolled at St. Catherine's. We encourage parents to attend the PSO meetings and social events to learn more about the organization and ways you can contribute. The PSO meetings are found on the school calendar, with reminders and new events published weekly in the Globe.
The Zoom Meeting ID for PSO meetings is 671 548 4578. A password is required; refer to your inboxes for meeting emails.
Click here to read previous PSO meeting minutes.