After-School Music and Sports

St. Catherine’s strives to help each individual reach his or her potential in all areas – intellectually, physically, socially, morally, and spiritually. It was Montessori’s view that the mind and the body should operate as one, that thought should be accompanied by expression in action—or to put it another way, that the action should be an expression of the developing will and thought processes.

The After-School Music and Sports schedule is designed to make it possible for every individual to participate in both activities if desired and to avoid interrupting the Montessori work cycle.

St. Catherine’s After-School Music and Sports:

  • Offer the opportunity for children to recognize their role as a member of a team
  • Develop skills through repetition and rehearsal
  • Provide opportunities to perform in front of others
  • Encourage the development of positive attitudes and values

Those who have a particular affinity for a musical instrument or specific sport may also choose to participate in outside classes or teams to further enhance their skills. St. Catherine’s encourages children to follow their interests and to experience time for unstructured play on a regular basis.


Sports Eligibility

  • The After-School Sports program is open to all 4th – 9th year students.
  • Cross Country is open to students in the 6th grade through High School.
  • Sports offered include soccer, volleyball, girls basketball, boys basketball, and track.
Music Eligibility
  • Ensemble: Musicians in the Adolescent Community and High School are eligible to participate, and all instruments are welcome.
  • Band: All Upper Elementary players and Returning 3rd grade players are eligible. 
  • Orchestra: All Upper Elementary players and Returning 3rd grade string players are eligible.
  • New Instrumentalists: 2nd and 3rd graders interested in learning to playing an instrument may register as beginners.