Great Conversations



Great Conversations is an evening for the St. Catherine's community to enjoy great food, great company, and great conversations – all in support of a great cause. Join us at one of Houston's exciting venues for a presentation that will provoke thoughtful discussions about the joy of discovery, supporting lifelong learning, and promoting healthy relationships to the world around us. Proceeds will fund new equipment for the Elementary playground.
Featuring Catherine L'Ecuyer, P.D.
 Catherine L’Ecuyer is the bestselling author of The Wonder Approach: Rescuing Children’s Innate Desire to Learn. She holds an MBA, an Official European Master of Research, and a Doctorate in Education and Psychology. She has written many academic publications, books, and articles on Montessori education and education in general, including Montessori: Why She Never Belonged to Rousseau and It Looks Better in 3D: The Reality-First Approach to Childhood Screen Use. In 2020, Dr. L’Ecuyer was named an honorary member of the Spanish branch of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). She has spoken to the Education Commission of the Congress of Deputies of Spain and at the Second Summit on Education organized by the European Commission. Additionally, she has served as a consultant to the government of the state of Puebla, Mexico concerning preschool reform; was part of a Spanish government task force on the use of digital technology by minors; and participated in a report for UNESCO on the use of digital media in childhood. Currently Dr. L’Ecuyer collaborates with the Mind-Brain Group of the University of Navarra and is a columnist for various news outlets, including El País, La Vanguardia, El Mundo, and The Huffington Post. She is the founder and director of Fundacíon CLE, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting classical education. Dr. L’Ecuyer is Canadian and resides in Barcelona, Spain with her four children.
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Contact Lyndsey Ray, advancement director, at (713) 665-2195 or [email protected] with questions.
Host Committee
Dana and Adam Bayer
Vy and Jack Collett
Deborah and Rock Gremillion
Sarah and Christopher Lewis
Misty and Surena Matin
Jaime Middleton Lawler and Theodore Lawler
Jennifer Taylor and Jeremy Ward
Saudia and Anthony Turney
Mary and Chan Tysor