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Literati Book Fair is Here! Featured Photo

Literati Book Fair is Here!

This fall St. Catherine's has partnered with Literati to host an online and an in-person book fair. The fair will run Monday, November 27 through Friday, December 1 in the Welcome Center.
Year in Advance 2023-2024 Featured Photo

Year in Advance 2023-2024

AUGUST 4, 2023 - The Year in Advance features important dates, faculty and staff information, and details about school programs and community events.

Official St. Catherine's Spiritwear

St. Catherine's has a variety of spiritwear items in adult and youth sizes, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags emblazoned with the school logo or mascot.

All can be purchased online and shipped directly to your home. Visit the school store to check out our selection and show your love for St. Catherine's!

Lands' End Uniforms

Click here to order the required St. Catherine's collared shirt for Upper Elementary students.
These shirts, worn with khaki slacks or khaki skirts, are the required Mass and special outings uniform for students in our Upper Elementary classrooms.

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