FAQs from the Community

When would the high school program begin? How many students will there be?
We envision the program growing organically, beginning with retention from our current class of 8th-year students in 2017-2018. This has been our school’s method of growth in the past, and we believe it will serve students most effectively to add 10th, 11th, and 12th-year programs as the need arises.
What kind of accreditation will the program have?
Our high school program would be accredited through the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED). The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) does not accredit any adolescent programs. 
Do you have a curriculum?
Yes. After much deliberation, we have decided upon a curriculum that is rigorous but flexible enough to meet the needs of our students. Many families have asked about the International Baccalaureate program and Advanced Placement courses. We have decided against using the IB curriculum, because we believe it is too limiting and prescriptive to allow for the student-driven program we envision. AP training and testing will be available for interested students, but will not be required. We will be sharing further details about the curriculum next spring.
What campus or facilities will you use?
We would like our high school students to have their own space separate from the current Adolescent Community. We are considering several options, including the addition of a portable building to our Timberside campus or possibly acquiring land elsewhere in the city. If we do decide to utilize an off-campus facility, that location would likely be a shared space with the current Adolescent Community. However, all students would continue to have a base at our current campus, allowing them to stay connected with the rest of the school community. Additionally, we will work with international schools to offer study abroad experiences for our students.
What kinds of teachers will you hire?
We would like for guides to have a Montessori background in addition to having expertise in their field. Additionally, we anticipate taking advantage of relationships with area universities, other Montessori schools and working professionals in guiding our upper adolescents.
What kinds of partnerships or opportunities will be available for students to pursue college-level coursework or internships?
Our school has ongoing relationships with many of our area universities and institutions, and we will be reaching out to organizations like Rice University, University of St. Thomas, The University of Houston, the Texas Medical Center, the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Symphony as student interest dictates. Semester opportunities might include outdoor programs, international study, or college-level coursework in subjects of heightened interest and ability. We encourage students and families to let us know about further community connections and interests as they arise.
Will you recruit students from other schools?
Our intent is to serve our current students who are looking to complete their high school education within our community. While we might be willing to consider other interested applicants on an individual basis, we will not be actively recruiting from other schools.
What will be the cost of the program? How much will tuition cost?
We won’t have firm answers to these questions until we know the number of students and resolve some facilities issues. Our goal is to keep tuition in line with that of our other levels. Tuition will certainly be competitive with other area high schools.
How will students be prepared for college admissions?
Students will manage a portfolio of their work during their three years in the program for use during the college admissions process. We will also have a college counselor on staff. The portfolio system will allow students to demonstrate their competencies, interests and individuality much more than a transcript of grades and test scores. Universities are increasingly seeking this kind of information that tells students’ stories and sets them apart from the crowd.
Will sports be available at the high school?
The kinds of extracurricular activities and athletics offered will be influenced by the interests of our students. Our program will also be flexible enough to accommodate students participating in club sports and other outside activities.