FACTS Family Portal Instructions

FACTS Family Portal, is a private and secure parents portal used by St. Catherine’s to allow parents to access required school forms and other documents, make tuition and extracurricular activity payments, apply for tuition assistance, re-enroll, view and edit family information, search the parent and staff directories, and log volunteer hours.

How to Create an Account (one time only process)

1. Use this link and type in your email and click on Create Account. 

2. You will be emailed a link to create a username and password.

3. Once you've created an account, you can login into FACTS Family Portal your username and password. 


Additional Information

  • Required Forms, listed in the Resource Documents section must be completed, printed, signed, and returned to the school before July 23, 2021 in order for your child to attend the first day of school. 
  • The WebForms information is pre-populated with information your family has already provided to the school. If any information is incorrect or missing, please update as needed before July 23.
  • During the school year, WebForms is where you would update any changes in your information. 
  • Registration forms for extracurricular activities, PSO resources, and additional school information may also be found in the Resource Documents section.
  • Volunteer hours can be logged under the Family Information > Select Parent > Service Hours > Add Service Hours. We ask that all volunteers track their hours, as this information is often requested when the school applies for foundation grants.

If you are having trouble obtaining your FACTS Family Portal login, please contact Bruce Moses at itmanager@stcathmont.org. If you would like further assistance, you can also come to the school for one on one help.