Erica Berwanger has a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing & Literature from Stephen F. Austin State University. She spent six years as a missionary with Life Teen Missions and was a Communications Director for three years working for Catholic parishes. She is in the process of obtaining her Association Montessori Internationale diploma in primary education with graduation set for Summer 2021.

Erica is newly married; her husband Mark works in chemical sales in Houston.  She enjoys reading, musicals, her cat (Sama), and spending time with her numerous nieces and nephews. Mark's family lives in Cincinnati, and the two enjoy regular visits up north to see family and friends. 

"Only the child can guide us, and he can do so only after we have prepared our inner selves to follow him. He will then lead us from nothingness to the beginning, and from the beginning to the development that follows." 

Maria Montessori, The Education of the Individual, The NAMTA Journal