A Culture of Giving

Invest in St. Catherine’s Montessori

St. Catherine's Montessori prides itself as a community with a deep commitment to the school's mission and a strong culture of philanthropy. For over 50 years, St. Catherine's has provided its students with an exceptional education, founded on the principles established by Maria Montessori and instilled with the Catholic faith. In that time, an amazing community of families and friends have worked together to make the school what it is today.

A St. Catherine’s Montessori education represents an investment made by generous parents, teachers, alumni, and a wider community of supporters extending back several decades. The school looks to today’s community to become a part of this tradition by giving of their time, talent, and resources. We appreciate each of the many ways you support St. Catherine's.

Contributing time by volunteering with the Parent Service Organization (PSO), as Room Parents, or with any of the special events held throughout the school year, helps to keep the community strong, and sustains a standard of excellence from which every child at St. Catherine's benefits.
Is your specialty cooking or finance? Are you a gifted gardener or organizer? St. Catherine’s Montessori would love to know of your interest or specialty and help find you just the right way to support the school. From agriculture to zoology, classroom support to board membership, St. Catherine’s welcomes your talents!

Please explore the ways to give of your time or talent by reviewing the Parent Volunteer Form on ParentsWeb.

As an independent non-profit school, St. Catherine's relies on tuition income and charitable contributions to support the school's academic needs, maintain our buildings and grounds, grow our campus campus facilities, and provide tuition assistance. St. Catherine's does not receive support from state or local agencies, the Catholic Archdiocese, or a parish. The school has been able to grow and continue as an exceptional institution because of volunteer parent participation, and a tradition of generous from parents, grandparents, alumni, foundations, and friends.
Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, the Advancement Office will coordinate four fundraising opportunities to help advance the St. Catherine's mission.
For more information on how you can help sustain St. Catherine's Montessori through philanthropic support, please contact Advancement Director Lyndsey Ray at (713) 665-2195 or lray@stcathmont.org.