Veronica holds bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and computer science. She also has her AMI Elementary certification and her A2 Public School Elementary teaching credentials.

She has worked as a project manager at Intel, taught at a charter school in Arizona, and taught Spanish at Arizona State University. Before coming to SCM, Veronica taught for three years as a Lower Elementary guide at Leport Montessori.

Veronica and her husband Greg are parents to Ava, (High School), Olivia, (Adolescent Community), and Lucas, (Adolescent Community). She enjoys photography, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Veronica believes that each child has something special and unique to offer to the world. Montessori allows children to be themselves, and empowers them to follow their own interest and passions. In this environment, they can develop a sense of their own place in the universe, their individual responsibility and their potential to better the world in which they live.