Letter From Head of School

Dear St. Catherine’s Families and Friends,

Since the inception of St. Catherine’s Montessori in 1966, the initial 2 Primary classes have grown to 1 Toddler Community, 4 Primary, 3 Lower Elementary, 2 Upper Elementary, and 1 Adolescent Community. Sr. Edna Ann’s vision of offering a quality education to all children attracted a diverse community united in purpose. This community with Dominican roots, a strong spiritual foundation and a common mission has accomplished amazing things. 

The spirit of St. Catherine’s is something palpable even to first time visitors. It has transcended the four physical locations in which St. Catherine’s has resided as the spirit lies within the heart of the community. The community has embodied this spirit and shown evidence of loving support in many ways. When St. Catherine’s needed to move from the original St. Agnes Academy building, the families packed up the whole school and moved to Holy Rosary in 3 days. The next site, the Castle, was found by parents and renovated through the hard work of the community. Similar investments of time and resources of St. Catherine’s families made the Timberside location a reality. What is particularly impressive is that many who contributed considerable efforts for this campus knew that their children would never attend school here. 

The selflessness of those people and of the many today who have returned to help St. Catherine’s on the forward journey is something to be commended. Our children are the recipients of the hard work and tremendous resources of many people to whom we owe a debt of gratitude and a promise to keep that community spirit alive for the generations to come. With your continued support we are truly “Building on the Legacy.”


Susan Tracy