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Programs Overview

INFANT COMMUNITY (14 months-3 Years)

Maria Montessori believed that the most important period in a child’s development was from birth to age 6. The Infant Community provides a nurturing and cooperative first social experience for the child of 14 months to 3 years of age. With the support of a Montessori-trained guide and an assistant, the 12 children in the community practice the skills of refinement of movement, early language, and what Montessori calls practical life.

PRIMARY (Ages 3-6)

Children ages 3 to 6 possess “the absorbent mind”—the ability to learn many aspects of one’s culture and environment with seemingly little effort. In the Primary environment, this extraordinary stage of development is supported with an array of manipulative materials in subjects including mathematics, language arts, and cultural studies. The Primary classroom enables children to move at their own pace in a stimulating environment that cultivates their natural desire to learn. 

ELEMENTARY (Ages 6-12) • Lower and Upper Elementary

Lower El – Upper El

From ages 6 to 12, children become reasoning explorers, developing new powers of abstraction and imagination, and a heightened interest in social life and justice. Capitalizing on their growing intellectual capacities, the Montessori Elementary curriculum introduces children to the vastness of the universe and emphasizes the interconnectivity between subjects as diverse as astronomy, biology, chemistry, history, religion, language, and mathematics.


The St. Catherine’s Adolescent Community provides a unique educational opportunity for students ages 12 to 15. A broad and deep range of experiences meet the young person’s needs for social development, intellectual stimulation, creative expression, independence and responsibility, as well as spiritual and personal growth. A student’s experience has three major components: study, work, and community living.

HIGH SCHOOL (Ages 15-18)

After completing the formative 3-year cycle in the Adolescent Community, our students aged 15-18 are ready to enter high school. The Montessori High School curriculum is highly integrated, emphasizing connections between spiritual life, academic disciplines, and methods of inquiry. As these students make the transition into adulthood, they have the opportunity to pursue their individual interests outside of the classroom, through independent study, mentorships, internships, and inquiry-based experiential learning through travel.