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The St. Catherine’s Montessori Primary community nurtures children’s intrinsic motivation by matching their natural enthusiasm for learning with opportunities for the fulfillment of their needs and interests. Each of our Montessori guides prepares an environment with materials so beautiful that they “call to the child” to come and touch. These materials, arranged in order on shelves, ARE the curriculum through which the child progresses to learn. So often the child tells us, “Let ME do it.” The materials in our environments give the child the tools and then the freedom to empower that motive.

In our highly-ordered and prepared environment, each task presented to the child offers one new isolated difficulty for the child to master. These tasks build upon one another to lead the child toward independence and confidence. The three-hour morning work cycle allows the child an uninterrupted period for self-directed concentration. The child may request a new lesson, return to practice lessons already presented, and choose their own snack time within that work cycle. Over time the child progresses toward a well-balanced use of self directed time, a work ethic, a state that Maria Montessori referred to as “Normalization”.