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High School

Having completed the formative three-year cycle in the Adolescent Community, students enter high school with a strong sense of self, ready to assume more adult roles both inside and outside the St. Catherine’s community.

Our aim is to educate the whole person transitioning into adulthood by providing a combination of rigorous academic study, moral education, and spiritual inquiry.

As an authentic Catholic Montessori high school program, our work is highly integrated, emphasizing connections between spiritual life, academic disciplines, and methods of inquiry. Additionally, Dr. Montessori’s syllabus brings a sense of awe and humility to the grandeur of the natural world and the contributions of mankind.

Students in our program have the unique opportunity to pursue their individual interests, including courses at partnering institutions, internships, and independent study.

These individual pursuits are considered an integral part of the high school experience as opposed to merely elective. When students graduate, they will have amassed a body of work that represents who they are in the fullest sense.

Curricular Offerings

Language Arts