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SCM Fund

The SCM Fund is a yearly initiative, and it is the foundation of all fundraising done at St. Catherine’s because it touches every member of our community.  The SCM Fund provides an opportunity for our parents, grandparents, alumni families, faculty, staff and friends to maintain an exceptional education by contributing to the SCM Fund. The Fund is vital to our school, because it underwrites approximately 5-8% of the operating budget, not covered by tuition. Faculty salaries, professional development, classroom materials and campus maintenance are some of the many basic, but essential aspects of our program that rely on the SCM Fund.


A commitment to the SCM Fund is the first and most important gift we ask of our community. A truly great school must rely on support from parents, grandparents, alumni parents, alumni, faculty and friends to sustain its level of excellence and reinforce the mission of the school. St. Catherine’s Montessori is an independent, tuition-driven school. It does not receive support from state or local agencies, the Catholic Archdiocese, a parish or any other outside organization. To sustain the quality of our academic programs and maintain our beautiful 10.4-acre campus, we must have a strong SCM Fund. 


We could cover 100% of our expenses by raising tuition, however, raising tuition, to cover our costs would have a profound impact on some of our families. Keeping tuition affordable for families who wish to send their children to St. Catherine’s is a fundamental principle which our foundresses believed in when they opened the school in 1966, and it holds true today. The school was recently recognized in Thesis Magazine as one of the top 10 most affordable private schools in Houston.


Why is participation so important?  Your participation is not only fundamental to the health of St. Catherine’s, but it also demonstrates how those closest to the school all believe in its mission through philanthropy. Strong participation is viewed favorably by foundations and corporations as the school seeks funding for future projects.


How much should I give? Of course, this is a personal decision and only you can decide. Some families will be able to give more than others, but ultimately, it should be a meaningful gift which fits within your family’s budget. As a supporter of St. Catherine’s Montessori, we hope you will make the SCM Fund priority and give to the maximum extent that you are able.


Your gift does make a difference!