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Steps 4 Students

What is Steps 4 Students (S4S)?  
It is a fun 5K that raises money for St. Catherine’s Montessori. It’s organized by the Archdiocese and all Catholic schools participate. It is all about community!  Walk or run, just have fun!
How do we get money?    
From registrations, and from donations made to team member fundraising pages. $17 of each registration comes back to the school; and 94% of pledges to team member pages comes back to the school!  (Most fundraisers give the school 15-30%)
Where does the money go?    
The money from S4S supports St. Catherine's Montessori Tuition Assistance. 
Why is S4S awesome?
It is a really FUN day that just so happens to bring in money to the school! It is the easiest, cheapest, and most  fun fundraiser around!  By just being on our SCM team you help support our school! By setting up your fundraising page and sending it out to family and friends, you can raise extra money for the school. It’s email and Facebook easy!
How can I help?  
Register for the race. Invite family and friends, as well as other SCM families to join you!  Create a fundraising page and send it out!  If you would like to volunteer, or help in another capacity, contact the co-chairs.
For more information about Steps 4 Students contact committee members: Maria FajardoEddie Brito, Michael Lewis, Chad and Tiffany Mavity, Chris Sheppard, Adolf Trudeau

6:30 AM
Sunrise Mass at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Catholic School Village Opens 
8:00 AM
5K Run/Walk 
9:00 AM
Post-Race Party and Awards