Renae holds an AMI Montessori diploma from the Houston Montessori Institute and her Master’s in education from Loyola University.  She also has an undergraduate degree in Art History and Early Childhood Education with a minor in Music.  She has taken masters level classes in Creative Arts in Learning and has done work with the Peaceable Schools Institute on Reclaiming Connection: Caring, Trust and Social Justice in Schools and Communities.   

Since 1999, Renae has taught in public, charter, and private schools.  This variety of experience has given her a keen understanding and appreciation for what Montessori can offer and why this is her classroom of choice.

As a parent herself, she has a clear view of what it is like to raise children in the home and guide them in the classroom.  She believes this has made her a more effective guide in helping foster strong relationships with both child and family.  Renae says her own two children they have taught her about a “deep and satisfying love, generosity of spirit, and stretching into strength, patience, and creativity.”   

Renae is also inspired by these words of Maria Montessori, “of all things love is the most potent."