2019 - 2020 Donors

We sincerely thank the families, faculty, staff, and friends
who have contributed to the 2019 ∙ 2020 SCM Fund
Naureen Ahmeduddin and Russell Brink
Luissa Alba-MacDonald and Herbert MacDonald
Erin Allison and Trey Buttelmann
Katherina Alsina and Alan Guevara
Elizabeth and John Arango
Carmen and Jordi Baizan
Katia Baizan-Gonzalez and Jorge Gonzalez
Kristina Baizan Devereux and Roy Devereux
Beverly and Peter Barber in honor of Cecilia and Fiona Barber
Catherine and Michael Barber
Vanessa and Grant Barfuss
Ragini and Rana Basu
Dana and Adam Bayer
Anne and Mark Bazin
Susan and George Bazin in honor of Isaac Bazin
Kathleen and James Bertolatus
Erica Berwanger
Jyoti and Manoj Bhardwaj
Emily and Jeff Blackman
Brooke and Gail Borden
Valentina Briceno and Rodrigo Contreras
Kelley and Michael Bruso
Regina Buccello-Stout
Juanito Caudilla in memory of Mila Caudilla
Cindy Cedillo-Ruiz and Raymond Ruiz
Millie Chavez
Paulette and Anthony Chavez
May and Brian Chiu
Birgit and Alistair Clague
Chanelle Clark and John Clark, Jr.
Laura and Bill Clifton in honor of Lionel Clifton
Hadley and James Cogan
Vy and Jack Collett
China and Roberto Contreras
Anna-Leigh and Kevin Copeland
Holly Copeland
Sarah and Leo Costello
Pat and Don Craig in honor of Owen Lowry
Fernando Cuartas
Elizabeth Dambouradijan and Kenneth Stemac
Veronika and Luis De La Mata in honor of Ava, Lucas, and Olivia Harth
Chris Deery
Mary and Joseph Devine
Paula DeWitte in honor of Adam and Carolina Mayer
Maria Diaz
Caroline and Angelo Directo
Cristina and E. Scot Dixon
Mardi Do and Nicholas Nguyen
Theresa Josephine Do, OP
Dominican Sisters of Houston in honor of Mary Magdalen Hanel, OP, Edna Ann Hebert, OP, Charles Anne Solomon, OP, and Sharon Steglich, OP
Pratibha Durgam
Mitra and Demetri Economou
Jacinta Edussuriya
Samantha Edussuriya and David Sharma
Hannah Engelke
Blas Espinosa
Maria Fajardo and Miguel Contreras
Gabriela and Felipe Fenton
Rachel Flay
Heidi Flores and Fernando Cabecera in honor of Jasmin and Noah Cabecera
Ilse and Alfredo Galeas
Kylie and John Galfione
Pedro Garza
Alexandra Gassan
Janella and Andrew Gee
Virginia Giammaria Peters and Joseph Peters
Olga Gireva Grillo and Miguel Grillo
Audrey and Keith Glickert
Ana and Bernardo Goarmon
Katie and Nick Gonzalez
Stephen Grace, Jr. in honor of Abby and Jacob Grace
Jennifer and Steve Grace
Lindsay and James Gregory
Mary Grimord and David Marks
Angie and Christian Gubitz
Jennifer and Absalon Gutierrez
Mary Ann and David Haberman in honor of Andrew, Caroline, and Julia Lewis
Sheila Hall and James Hall, Jr.
Jane and Josiah Hamilton
Xiao Han-Maistry and Rene Maistry
Wanda and Barry Harding
Veronica and Greg Harth
Tiffany Harrod Reininger and Daniel Reininger
Sarah Hassan and Nadeem Tajuddin
Sam Hemming
Shirin and Larry Herman in honor of James Hall
Magda Herrera and Javier Dominguez
Veronica and Luis Herrera in honor of Leandro and Marcelo Dominguez
Kathy and Mahmoud Hijazi
Jan Holloway
Renae Holman Murti
Jaime Hope
Kathleen Hopkins Alsina
Helen Hsu in honor of Meylia Kumata
Zsofia Intody and David Spencer
Romesha and Joseph Jayasundera
Alison Jefferies and Lorenzo Cohen
Soraia and Nizar Jiwa
Nia Johnson-Jones and Thomas Jones
Christie and Jeremy Jones
Megan and Christopher Jordan
Vita and Ron Jordan in honor of Lauren and Matthew Jordan
Anne and Christopher Kappes
Theresa and Joseph Karwacki in honor of Charleigh and Kate Karwacki
Paula and Russell Kelly in honor of Harrison Kelly
Heather Kendall and Benjamin Mull
Knights of Columbus Council 803
Mitsuko and Larry Kumata in honor of Meylia Kumata
Larissa and Antonio La Matta
Catherine Lee and Theis Clarke
Lauren and Christopher Lee
Courtney and Eric Lerch
Kevin Lewis
Sarah and Christopher Lewis
Amy and Alan Lindsey
Melissa and David Lopez in honor of Laura and Sarah Lopez
Patricia and Steven Lopez in honor of Laura and Sarah Lopez
Kapila and Aaron Love
Maria Luna
Karin Magnusson and Sarma Velamuri
Rosecler Marmentini and Adrian Hernandez
Ely and Jose Marron
Molly Martin and Jason Karwacki
Nancy and David Martin in honor of Elliot, Myers, and Riley Nyberg
Misty and Surena Matin
Kristen Mattingly
Veronica and Simon Mayer
Amber McCarthy and Adolph Trudeau
Jenny McClure and David Culloty
Alicia and Christopher McIntosh
Sarah and Alistair McIntyre
Julie McLarry and Justin Homfeld
Ashley Melchor
Cindy and Jacob Melton
Meritus Industries LLC
Jaime Middleton and Theodore Lawler
Nazia and Thaha Mirza
Irina Mitchell in honor of Adelina Grillo
Rose Ann Morello
Susan Morrison in honor of Colin and Elizabeth Kappes
Lisa and Bruce Moses
Danielle Mouton
Tom Mouton
Sheila Murray and Michael Bresson
MaryAnna and Patrick Nagorski
Edith Napoleon-Segovia and Adrian Segovia
Patty and Frank Napoleon in honor of Francis and Mercedes Segovia
Laura Nastoupil in honor of Ansley and Vivian Nastoupil
Loretta and Mark Nastoupil
Mark R. Nastoupil, Sr. in honor of Ansley and Vivian Nastoupil
Kerri and David Neimeyer
Aikaterini Nella and Konstantinos Makris
Abby Nichols
Debbie Nickerson
Charles Novo
Dayan and Billy Nowlin
Elizabeth Nunnally in honor of Katherine and Olivia Smiley
Kaye and Tom Nunnally in honor of Katherine and Olivia Smiley
Brooke and Andrew Nyberg
Jocelyn Ochoa
Teresa Onofre
Angela Ortega and Michael Liga
Sharon Ortiz
Chris Palamountain
Paula and Bill Palamountain in honor of Caroline Palamountain and Auden Smith
Shea Palamountain and Rob Smith
Teresa and Trey Palmer in honor of Lyndsey Ray
Joan Pappas and Christopher Pappas, Sr. in honor of Edie Pappas
Mollie and Christopher Pappas
Jin Sun Park and Elbert Kwak
Grecia and Diego Parra
Vanessa and Ryan Patterson
Christine and Oscar Perez
Mary and James Peters in honor of Gianna Peters
Nguyen Pham and Christopher Lav
Carrie and Kristen Procinsky
Bruce Raby
Susanne and Ron Raczy in honor of Benjamin, Daniel, and Ethan Mavity
Tiffany Raczy and Chad Mavity
Sania Rahim-Gilani and Aziz Gilani
Aimee and Matt Raley
Angela and Graham Randall
Lyndsey Ray
Kathy and Bryant Richardi
Sterling Richards
Shelley Robson and Devin Weiss
Denise and Stephen Rodriguez
Kesley Rodriguez
Ann and John Romero in honor of Cecilia and Fiona Barber
Mikaela and Marcus Rydberg
Annie Sallans
LuAnn and David Sanchez
Misu Sanson and Anthony Flores
Sarah and Craig Scherschel
Jennifer and Jason Schwartz
Shari and Stuart Schwartz in honor of Oliver Schwartz
Janet and Sansar Sharma in honor of Max Sharma
Michelle and Clifford Shedd in honor of Clara and Oliver Shedd
Karen and Ray Simar in honor of Oliver Schwartz
Michelle and John Smiley
Mindy and Tim Snow
Melissa and John Sprafka
Jennifer Taylor and Jeremy Ward
Srichakri Tenjarla and Arun Kumar Pitchumani
Susan Tracy
Ana Treviño-Godfrey and Jonathan Godfrey
Lindsay and Brian Tucker
Annis Turney in honor of Devyn and Dylan Turney
Mary and Chan Tysor
Jennifer and Nathan Uitenbroek in memory of Janice Uitenbroek
Andrea Upegui-Arroyave and Jose Cuellar-Silva
Stacy and Richard Urso
Michelle and Craig Vinson
Adriana Visbal and Alejandro Contreras
Amanda Vlastas
Katherine and Jackson Vo
Elizabeth and Kyle Weaver
Fumiko Weiss in honor of Zoe Weiss
Charles Wheatley
Jennifer Wu and Kenny Kumata
Alison Young and Jelani Kendrick
Stephanie and John Zepeda
Kathy and Francis Zipple in honor of Clara and Oliver Shedd
Kristin Zipple-Shedd and RJ Hazeltine-Shedd




American Express Company

Chevron Corporation

Hess Corporation

Phillips 66 Corporation

Shell Corporation