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Race Results 2018

Best Student Times and the Beat the Blue Dash Winners
(finishing FASTER than the Blue Dash, aka Mr. Masterson):
William Giulian 12 yrs (22:34)
Gabi Wager 13 yrs (22:38)
Tomas Spencer 13 yrs (24:55)
Best Sibling and Alumni Time:
Jett Poskey 15 yrs (25:01)
Medal Winner in their categories:
Charlotte Clague  2nd place (Female 0-11 yrs)
Ryan Reid    4th place (Male  0-11 yrs)
Isabelle Martinez 5th place (Female 12-14 yrs)
Raul Pasamar  Fastest Guide 1st place  in male/age category
Daniel Callahan 3rd place in male/age category
Andriy Nevidomskyy 5th place in male/age category
Sarah Costello Fastest Mom 3rd place in female/age category
Alistair Clague Fastest Dad 1st place in male/age category
Sarah Harvey 5th place in female/age category
David Spencer 5th place in male/age category