October 27, 2021

High School Open House
10.27 Globe
We would like to thank everyone who attended the virtual High School Open House on Thursday! We had so much fun talking about our high school experiences and answering your questions, and we hope you learned a lot about our program. We covered topics such as the curriculum, assessment process, opportunities such as trips and internships, and classroom dynamics. We were also grateful to be joined by several High School alumni. We’ve included some quotes from the students below!
“I worked for five months as a climate policy intern for the nonprofit Climate Cabinet. I was part of a project to create climate scorecards for state legislators around the United States to assess current state climate policy, and I was in charge of finding, processing, and analyzing key climate policy information across 10 states. It was really cool because I got to learn about the intricacies of climate policy and the legislative voting process, and the research that I did is now being used by people all around the country.” - Julia Lewis (class of 2022)
“The learning was so much more valuable. It felt like what we were learning was coming to life; we could bounce ideas off of each other and our guides, and it was a lot easier to stay engaged in the small classes. There was more frequent student participation, and this gave me a really solid foundation in college, both in the smaller and larger classes.” - Sophia Devereux (class of 2020)
“I’ve always felt very comfortable with my guides in the A.C. and High school, and so I’ve been able to continue those relationships with my professors here. I feel super prepared for everything I’ve done!” - Ruth Scherschel (class of 2020)
“I really like our grading process at St. Catherines because of how personal and unique it is...By having the chance to sit down with the guides and understand how they view our work, it allows us to understand the areas where we are flourishing and the places where we could improve. This process allows us as students to have a chance to explain why we believe we deserve a certain grade, and to also understand why we are given specific grades.” - Emma Nowlin (class of 2022)
If you weren’t able to join the event, you can view the link to the recording here
Thank you for reading, 
Julia Lewis and Isabella Godfrey 
For a college resource list of recommended reading and listening from our Director of College Counseling & Testing Coordinator Sarah Le