Real Estate Rebate Program

The St. Catherine's Montessori Real Estate Rebate Program is a valued fundraising source and leading example of parent-school collaboration. Since its founding in 2015, the program has raised nearly $12,000 in support of capital projects and operating needs by providing the school with a percentage of the commissions made from the purchase or sale of SCM family homes.
The children of St. Catherine's benefit, while clients benefit from the exceptional service, expertise, professionalism, and support our realtor partners bring to a home purchase or sale. The program is truly a win-win. Before your next move, please consider working with one of our real estate rebate program partners.
Ashley Graves, Realtor
Jim Meyn, Realtor Wendy Wight, Realtor
SCM Alumni Parent SCM Alumni Parent SCM Alumni Parent
(281) 330-5413 (713) 857-4737 (713) 857-5956
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