Climate Caucus

Student-Led Climate Caucus Inspires Action
On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, St. Catherine’s Montessori hosted a nonpartisan student-led climate caucus featuring moderators and panelists from SCM and other area high schools and universities. The public event was open to all interested in hearing young people discuss key climate and energy issues and potential solutions to respond to climate change.
Over 100 attendees listened intently as these student leaders of different beliefs, backgrounds and interests, engaged respectfully with one another to discuss topics that ranged from incremental steps we can all take to manage our collective carbon footprint and how the youth of today see this as the defining moment of their generation.
After the student panel, the moderators welcomed several political candidates to the stage to participate in a student-led Q&A session. Tiko Hausman, James Joseph, and Letitia Plummer are seeking a position on the Houston City Council. Derrick Broze, Naoufal Houjami and Demetria Smith are running for Houston Mayor. Sema Hernandez and Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez are candidates for the U.S. Senate. Each of these candidates were quite impressed with the knowledge and ease with which the students handled this difficult and complex topic.

Participating schools included: Strake Jesuit College Preparatory;The Emery/Weiner School; Memorial High School; Klein Collins High School; Lamar High School; and Sharpstown International High School.

Many thanks to our community partners Environmental Defense Fund and Citizens' Climate Lobby and to everyone who attended Climate Caucus.

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