Making Soap

Caroline Lewis - 9th grade,  Soap Manager

Soap making has always been a staple occupation in this class. We take rotations of students who have an interest in making soap each semester, and so we have various soap makers in the class. We are very excited to be soap managers for this year because we think we can share the fun of soap making with our class. This year, and hopefully for the future, we are exploring exotic, unique scents, more interesting oils, and more toppings. To make our soap, we combine our oils, lye, water, scents, and toppings after calculating the amount through dimensional analysis. We add the mixture to the molds, put them in a dark, untouched place, and the next day we remove the soap from the mold and cut them. Sometimes we use 5% beeswax from our bees! We hope you enjoy all the special soaps we make this year!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical bar of soap go for on average? 

Depending on the size of the soap, the price ranges between $1.25 - $6.00.

Can you pre-order soap?

Only at Christmas time when there is an announcement in the Globe and catalog. 

What do you make your soap out of?

We use natural oils, colorants, lye, water, and natural fragrance/essential oils.

Who makes the soap?

We have a large amount of students who rotate and make soap every semester.