Bruce has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Florida and a B.A. in history from the University of Houston. He was certified by the American Montessori Society as an Elementary guide and has earned multiple IT-related certifications.


At St. Catherine’s and other Montessori schools, Bruce has experienced classroom life as a full-time guide for Lower and Upper Elementary, a Primary assistant, and substitute Elementary guide.


Since 2006, Bruce has worn several “hats” at St. Catherine’s:  Highly-involved parent; Upper Elementary guide; substitute teacher; trip-chaperone extraordinaire; and, most recently, as the in-house specialist for meeting St. Catherine’s technology needs.


Bruce’s two sons, Sean and Kyle, each grew up with a Montessori education, with the majority of those years being at St. Catherine’s.  He and his wife, Lisa, are extremely grateful to the St. Catherine’s faculty, staff, and community for helping their sons become unique to themselves but also thoughtful, respectful, caring citizens of the world.


Bruce enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing musical instruments, attending the theater, and hiking.


Bruce’s favorite aspect of the Montessori environment: “Follow the child.”