St. Catherine's Montessori

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Fundraising Drives


SCM Fund
This yearly initiative is the foundation of all fundraising done at St. Catherine’s because it touches every member of our community. Approximately 5-8% of the school’s operational expenses are not covered by tuition and other sources of income. Funds raised through the SCM Fund Drive are unrestricted and provide the necessary resources to meet basic operational expenses such as teacher professional development and training, purchase of equipment and materials, and maintenance of the building and grounds. 100% parent participation is fundamental to maintaining the health of the school and demonstrates our community’s belief in its mission. Strong participation is viewed favorably by foundations and corporations as we seek out funding for capital. 


Capital Campaign
A Capital Campaign is an extraordinary fundraising effort aimed at raising support for large projects such as the campus expansion project. Families have supported capital campaigns over the 50 year history of the school to meet the growing demands of our community. Our 10.4-acre campus was made possible through charitable contributions from families, foundations, and friends of St. Catherine's Montessori.
The Gala is a formal dinner event which takes place biennially. It includes an evening of entertainment and silent, live and big board auctions. Proceeds from the event support the capital campaign.
Tuition Assistance Fundraising
A biennial event in support of the legacy of tuition assistance, established by our founders and continued by the compassion of our community.

These fundraising and community building events are sponsored and hosted by St. Catherine’s families throughout the school year. Events range from Toddler to Adult. Families may sign up and purchase tickets for these events in early October with all proceeds supporting the general budget.