Save the Date: AC and HS present "From Knowing to Acting," a climate change symposium

The mission of this symposium is to help create a sustainable future for Houston by educating our community about solutions to climate change and empowering one another to take action in our personal lives.

During the spring semester of the 2017-2018 school year, a select group of students from the St. Catherine's Adolescent Community and High School applied for a National Wildlife Federation grant in order to develop a symposium climate change. NWF awarded the students $6,500, allowing them to bring their vision for "From Knowing to Acting" to life.

Every HS and AC student is participating in the planning, and conducting research on a topic of their choosing to be presented on May 3rd. Each students has partnered with a professional mentor. These are Montessori students doing real work helping us all to see ways we can take action and be motivated to make a difference in the world.

An important part of Montessori education is learning about and caring for the environment. In 2008, the AC students worked together on their first symposium, "Focus the Nation," to help raise awareness of the current state of our environment. The students came together again in 2013 for a symposium on water called, "Mind on Water."
For those past events, the community of students worked together on a deep-dive into the topics, then presented their work to the St. Catherine's community. The symposia featured keynote speakers from experts, panel discussions about the issues, and displays featuring the work of the students on their chosen topics. The displays were created from the student research and supported by lessons learned by their professional mentor.
At the conclusion of the events the students gave each attendee a bound containing the every research project. The professionals in attendance commented on the quality of the work and the students' ability to talk about their individual research.

"From Knowing to Acting" will take place Friday, May 3, 2019 at St. Catherine's Montessori. Visit to learn more about the symposium. 

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