Montessori Night School

The Primary children guided parents through their classrooms to demonstrate practical life lessons, show the use of sensorial materials like the pink tower or binomial cube, or read from a favorite book. Lower Elementary children showed of their mathematical equation-solving skills through the use of checker boards, racks and tubes, and bead frame materials.

Upper Elementary students presented food research in Ms. Maggie’s class – covering the geographic origins, agricultural and manufacturing processes, and fun facts of foods like milk, cheese, bread, chocolate, salsa, bananas and more! (They also provided samples for attendees’ enjoyment.) In Mr. Snow’s Upper Elementary class the students presented science experiments on topics ranging from the melting points of different types of chocolate to learning about the bacteria that lives among us.

The Adolescent Community launched and sold their AC Literary Magazine, Pages and Paragraphs, and also presented art in an exhibit co-curated with the High School. This inaugural exhibit featured original paintings, sculpture, drawings, theatre portfolios, and photography.

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