Coffee with Ms. Lina

Dear St Catherine’s Community,


It is my distinct pleasure to write to you as a member of the St. Catherine’s Montessori community for the first time since my official start as the Head of this great School. The world of education can be a little surreal as appointments are made for headships several months ahead. Nevertheless, this time has allowed for valuable learning experiences through ever-increasing exposure to St. Catherine’s Montessori  while participating in formal and informal conversations with administrators, faculty, staff, board members, families, and a welcoming Transition Committee.


So now we stand on the cusp of a new school year. One of the most exciting aspects of education for me has always been the ability to set goals for our students, faculty, staff, and School, work as a team toward achieving these goals, and then celebrate the successes at year-end. It represents a wonderful journey of planning, learning, measuring, completion, and reflection. Along the way, we, as educators, are offered the distinct joy of guiding those you love most: your children. At SCM, I already sense a feeling of closeness, of community connectedness. The faculty, staff, and administration truly care about each other and are overwhelmingly committed to their students.


This summer continues to provide me the opportunity to meet with a wide continuum of our constituents: parents, board members, alums, faculty, staff, and administrators. Through these conversations, I have begun to gather the more nuanced pieces of the puzzle that make up SCM, and I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful community.


On a personal note, my family and I have been wholeheartedly welcomed at SCM. We are truly home in every sense of the word. That said, the journey I took to come home, upon reflection, has provided the basis for what now will undoubtedly be the most exciting and challenging time in my professional career.


I would like to thank everyone who has thus far reached out to my family and me and steadfastly offered sustained commitment to my appointment as Head of St. Catherine’s. The members of the Search Committee, chaired by Misty Matin and Angie Gubitz, offered an eloquent introduction to parents’ commitment to the School. Since that time, I have appreciated the support of the Board President, Ryan Patterson, and the Board of Directors; former Head, Susan Tracy; Administration; and the faculty and staff. Their encouragement reinforces my initial belief that this is truly a unique educational institution.


I am deeply impressed by this accomplished School and honored to be part of this community. My personal commitment to you is to continue to build steadily on the excellence of SCM as we provide the most authentic Catholic Montessori education for your children available, not only in the Houston area but across the nation. Together, we will partner in our quest to ensure all students are challenged and encouraged to reach their fullest potential as individuals in relationship with Jesus Christ and as stewards of the global community.  


I would like to invite you to join me on campus for “Coffee with Ms. Lina” on July 21 and July 22 at 8:00 AM. I look forward to meeting you during those times or individual meetings as best for you. See you soon! 


Many Blessings,

Lina Delgado

Head of School

9821 Timberside  Houston, Texas 77025

713.665.2195  |  fax 713.665.1478