SCM High School Capstone Presentations - Wednesday, April 28

We hope you will join us for the Senior Capstone Presentations on Wednesday, April 28 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.
Click here to RSVP. Zoom link information will be provided upon successfully completing the RSVP process.
The senior capstone is an opportunity for the seniors to immerse ourselves in a self-designed project and to exercise adult-level independence as we transition out of St. Catherine’s High School and into the next chapter of our lives. The goals of the senior capstone are for students to: 
  • Pursue self-guided research in an area of high individual interest
  • Demonstrate skills developed over the course of education at SCM, including those of managing a significant project 
  • Develop connections and interact with professionals in the greater community
  • Think creatively about academic, social, and/or professional issues
  • Refine verbal and written communication skills by sharing research with the larger St. Catherine’s community 
All of the seniors have been hard at work reaching out to mentors and creating our projects. The topics we have chosen are world religions, naval doctrine, hosting an art gallery, and food blogging.