SCM's Inaugural Senior Class Prepares for Commencement

St. Catherine's will honor our Class of 2020 - SCM's inaugural senior class - on Friday, May 29 at 7:00 PM. Attendance at the ceremony is limited to a small group, but all are invited to watch and celebrate live on Facebook. Mark your calendars now! 

To prepare for this momentous occasion, last Friday the seniors and their guides gathered at school for a socially-distanced dinner, at which the students received their caps, gowns, and class rings! In true Montessori fashion, the seniors and their high school classmates led the process of selecting the ring's style and design, which St. Catherine's will use for many years to come.
The students concluded their evening by each taking a final walk through the school - stopping at classrooms along the way to revisit their journey from Primary through High School, and to contemplate their years at St. Catherine's and new beginnings.