Whole Kids Foundation and The Bee Cause Project Award Grant to St. Catherine's

This grant will allow us to expand the SCM bee program to our Japhet Creek campus by funding new hives, a queen, and additional beekeeping suits and equipment. Adding bees to Japhet is part of our plan to develop the campus to be a full expression of the environmental education activities we offer our adolescents, which include chickens, gardens, greenhouses, and bees.
By caring for hives, students study biology, entomology and genetics; learn how bees have been critical to the development of the human race from the earliest of humans to present day; and explore mankind’s connection to the natural world. Having multiple hives at Timberside and Japhet will allow students to compare the hives and have several frames of reference for understanding bee activity.
In addition, bees tie into the Adolescent Community's microeconomy, which mimics the economic progress of humankind. Students learn to understand how trade, exchange, and commerce got started and how they have evolved over time. The AC harvests honey twice a year, sells  it in their market, and invests the proceeds back into their economy. 
We are honored to partner with Whole Kids Foundation and The Bee Cause Project!