Montessori Journey

The Montessori Journey, held on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19, provided a unique opportunity for parents to experience Montessori education as a participant in the classroom. Designed by a Montessorian and guided by our faculty, parents were able to have a hands-on tour of each level from Infant Community through High School.

Some of the comments, heard at the event, mentioned that working in the classroom brought a “better understanding of the Montessori philosophy and why it is important for the child’s development.”  Parents noted that the Montessori Journey gave them an “appreciation for the long-term thinking of ‘building the person’ that goes through all levels of Montessori.” One parent mentioned that they “loved watching how calm and patient the teachers were when giving lessonsIt reminded me to slow down and approach learning and discipline from my child’s point of view and developmental level.” 

Others commented that St. Catherine’s “provides a great platform for developing intellectual curiosity" and that all of the work had an “emphasis on critical thinking.” 

It was well received by those attending “to hear that several of the faculty came to Houston because of this school.”

 At the end of the experience, the question was asked, “Why did you choose to bring your children to St. Catherine’s?”

Parent replies: “It didn’t feel like a school, it felt like a home.” “When you walk in the door you feel love.” “I was so blown away by the peacefulness and centeredness of the children.”

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