Giving in Action: Future Looks Bright with Our New Gym Lights

We replaced the warm yellow fluorescents with cool white LEDs. The reconfigured circuits now allow us to light the full length of the gym using three rows of lights that can be switched on or off in any combination –each row with their own dimmer. This new setup eliminates shadows in the gym corners, giving us optimum lighting for basketball and volleyball. Additionally, the options made possible by the light configuration and dimmers will enhance the experience of attending Mass, special events, community meetings, and performances. 
This transformation, which benefits the entire St. Catherine’s Montessori community and our guests, was made possible by the generous Paddles Up contributions made at our 2018 gala, Night Owl Soirée. Our community gave a record $46,500 in Paddles Up donations to fund the gym lighting improvements, new Primary Courtyard equipment, and a riding mower and storage shed for Japhet Creek. The Primary children have been enjoying their new balance beam, spider web climber, and monkey bars since January. We will purchase the mower and shed in the next few months after completion of ongoing projects at Japhet.
Thank you again to everyone who raised a paddle in support of the children of St. Catherine’s!