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Sociables Tickets 2022-2023


Thank you for your interest in Sociables! Parties are listed here in chronological order. Most are priced per person, but please take note of those that are priced per family.

Make your selections using the form below; you will be asked to pay for all selected tickets at the bottom. Your hosts will contact you prior to their party with reminders and additional information.

To view an event overview by date or by level, visit the Sociables Catalog.

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Bubble Soccer
Price: $40.00
Only 26 left in stock

Soccer = fun. Bubbles = fun. Soccer + bubbles = Twice the fun! Come play a few quick games of bubble soccer with friends! Each game will be 10-15 minutes (it gets hot in those bubbles) with each child playing in 3 games. Be sure to come on time to ensure play time. Be aware this is an *active* event, parent supervision is required.

Note: Parents do not pay, but must stay

Hosted by: Monica Tang

Sold Out
Moms vs. Sons Kickball
Price: $35.00
Only 0 left in stock

Join us for a fun morning of moms v. son kickball! Stakes will be high, as we play for bragging rights. Will the moms keep the championship title this year? Come play to find out.

Participants will receive a t-shirt. Snacks will be provided.

Note: Priced per family. Please list the number of attendees in your group

Hosted by: Mardi Do, Alexandra Gassan, Monica Tang, Adriana Visbal, Kristin Zipple-Shedd

Sporting Clays Shoot
Price: $75.00
Only 11 left in stock

Dust off your 12 gauge and join us for an afternoon of shooting clays at Houston's premier shooting grounds - American Shooting Centers. You may have heard of sporting clays referred to as golf with a shotgun, and that’s a fair comparison. Like golf courses, no two sporting clays courses are alike. While on the course, shooters move from station to station for a variety of targets.

Eye and ear protection required. 

Shotguns available for borrow if you do not own one.

Hosted by: Jacob Melton, Daniel Reininger, Jacob Vizinat

'80s Skate Party
Price: $80.00
Only 50 left in stock

It's time for an all-skate in the regular direction - everybody on the floor! Whether you were smooth with your own skates or hanging on to the rail, we all had fun at the skating rink. It's time to pass the fun on to the next generation. Bring the whole family for a fun evening of great music, great food, and great memories.

Note: Priced per family. Please list the number of attendees in your group

Hosted by: Christie Jones, Claudine Tait

Sold Out
Tapas, Tempranillo, and Texas Wine Tasting
Price: $75.00
Only 0 left in stock

Join us for an evening of delicious food, great company, and a curated selection of wines...with a Texas twist! Enjoy tapas-style appetizers and light bites while comparing Texas and Southern European styles of winemaking. Whether you love learning about wine and discovering new varietals or just want a fun evening out with friends, this Sociable is for you.

Hosted by: Catherine and Michael Barber, Courtney and Eric Lerch, Misty and Surena Matin




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