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PSO Friends of the Library

The Scholastic and Amazon wish lists reflect the library's need for new fiction and for non-fiction titles to fill gaps in the library collection. Last year parent donations totaled 98 books. The children are avid readers and researchers and greatly appreciate and look forward to new books. Thank you for considering a donation!
PSO Friends of the Library would like to introduce an wish list as an additional way to support the library. The students's research and reading needs extend beyond the offerings of the Scholastic catalogs so our Librarian has created a wish list on Amazon to facilitate other desired library donations. 

To find the Amazon Wish List, go to your Amazon personal account. 

Once you are on your personal Amazon account,

1.) Click the “Wish List” drop down menu and 

2.) Choose “Find A Wish List or Registry.”  

3.) In the search field, type “Susan Tracy”.  

4.) Click on “Remember” so next time it won’t be hard to find it. 

The books you donate will be shipped directly to the school. For further questions, please email

Thank you for all of your support of the library!